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Our Services are tilted towards making the auditing profession worthwhile. We have expertise in the areas listed below and ready to help you achieve your career dreams. Enroll for our courses today and you will be glad you did.

Data Science

We will impart you with cutting-edge technologies to manipulate, analyse and profile your data e.g popular audit analytic tools such Audit Command Language(ACL) and Structural Query Language(SQL) will be used to deliver values to your company

Revenue Assurance

You will learn how to prevent revenue leakages by analysing transactional data and advising the management on risks due to computational error. You will be able to reconcile your calculations with what is in your books and resolve the differences

Application Audit

We can teach you how to evaluate the effectiveness of controls around your applications access security, change management , segregation of duties issues etc. We have the expertise to help you address auditors' challenges in the 21st century.

Database Audit

Learn how to audit the security of your database, understand who has privileged access and how their access are reviewed and restricted . Privileges that are granted to users on the Database is a key area of auditors' interest that you will explore. You will discover how to audit different database platforms.Discover auditing techniques for SQL Server , Oracle Database etc.

Server OS Audit

Learn to audit the Patch management of your Company's Servers, a security initiative that most auditors are yet to have. We will show you how to discover those who have privileged access to your Servers and how you can monitor their activities . Discover how to audit UNIX, LINUX, Active Directory , Windows Server today and you will be glad you did.

Network Audit

Have you ever wanted to audit you network devices such as Firewall, Switches, Routers etc and all was to no avail, never bother, We will show you how to do that in simple and non-technical practical steps.You will also learn how to do vulnerabilities assessment and penetration testing using tools like Kali Linux, TMac, Zenmap, Nessus Manager etc.

Would you like to take our Online Video Course?

We have some of our videos published on online learning platforms like Udemy, Simpliv etc. These courses have been specially designed for auditors. Contact us today if you have interest or enroll to browse the courses right here.